April 24, 2021

WPTV (NBC) – West Palm Beach, FL NewsChannel 5 at 6

By WPTV (NBC) - West Palm Beach, FL NewsChannel 5 at 6

WPTV (NBC) - West Palm Beach, FL
NewsChannel 5 at 6

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WPTV 4/24/2021 6:14:56 PM: ...(ta in studio) yes, there was... it's a 150-thousand square feet facility, just a few blocks south of atlantic avenue's dining district... showcasing over 25 unique culinary vendors. but when it came time to cut the ribbon this morning. somebody surprised the crowds on stage. [pkg] nats - 3-2-1 - congratulations (cheers) ta - governor ron desantis at the new Delray Beach Market, with the atlantic community high school band behind him. keith sanz - director of bands - atlantic community high school - "he was so cool. you know it's really exciting to bring all this business to town, all these job opportunities, and really just bringing life back." ta - the big question... did the governor do some*tasting & seein* of the new food hall? nats - desantis - i fold it, i fold it. craig - "he sure did, he ate some pizza, he ate some ice cream... nats - desantis - "wow" craig - ..."we shared a beer in there together, so it was a really wonderful time." nats - desantis - "this is your first concept? we gotta' write a pizza review then." ta - meeting a few of the more than 200 employees that have been struggling. [nats] good luck guys, take care. craig - "[desantis gave] them a sense of pride and understanding that he is going to keep them working was really great, and super big payoff for us to have him here." ta -businesses like bona bona ice cream and surry co. smoke house looking for a new start in florida, leaving new york behind. craig - "there restaurants were shut down they've been depleted. this is an opportunity for them to reestablish their business." craig - "so these were opportunities for people to get back to work and start providing for their famliy again." ta - a grand opening spectacle... attracting thousands... genie deponte - delray Beach - "it is overwhelming and we need it to stay overwhelming. we need people to come all the time, not just on the first day." ta - people played giant jenga games. gayle - "you know it kinda' brings people together and we are in a time where people need to come together." [nats] ta - and took rides on trains gayle clark - delray beach - "we needed something g rated in for the whole family (giggles). [nats superheros] ta - a grand opening spectacle, that felt like a mini- festival... [nats] balloons, donuts ta - and a new free shuttle business that goes from the Beach to the market... drivers entertaining you with perhaps a song or a selfie... gus doyel -business development - freebie south florida gus - "sweet caroline. ba ba ba." ta stand up - so after we take our selfie we can order lunch from delray market. ta - saving people time on their lunch breaks. [end pkg] ta in studio - organizers want you to know that tomorrow the balloon animals, superhero shows, donut decorating and train rides will all be back one more time. more information at wptv.com. organizers want you to know that tomorrow the balloon animals, superhero shows, donut decorating and train rides will all be back one more time. more information at wptv.com. this is video of the space x dragon capsule approaching the i-s-s earlier today. the seven member crew aboard the international space station welcoming the four crew members that launched from cape canaveral yesterday. . spacex copy's on the big loop; hatch is open endeavor arriving both crews were all smiles as the dragon crew entered the international space station. the joint ...

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