April 24, 2021

WPBF (ABC) – West Palm Beach, FL WPBF 25 News at 5:00

By WPBF (ABC) - West Palm Beach, FL WPBF 25 News at 5:00

WPBF (ABC) - West Palm Beach, FL
WPBF 25 News at 5:00

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WPBF 4/24/2021 5:07:17 PM: ...provide an update once they know whether or not the waivers will be extended. we will let you know online and on air as soon as we find out. covering your community tonight, it was the grand opening for the delray Beach Market today. it is the largest food hall in florida at 150,000 square feet. the Market is home to 27 food vendors. our wakisha bailey was at the opening this morning, which featured a special visit from governor ron desantis. wakisha: the food Market is officially open. you would think we are at a carnival or a party but this is what they wanted people to do, tons of people are here. we have been talking to families, we have been talking from people out of town just to witness what this structure was going to look like. over 25 restaurants are going to be jam packed inside and we are told there is something for everyone. >> we like pastries, we like everything. the are looking forward to seeing how this works. >> people come, businesses come. wakisha: ron desantis says the economic impact for the county is going to be great. >> $60 million in economic impact. 225 construction and design jobs. 250 permanent jobs and a projected 2000 visitors a day. wakisha: if you missed today's grand opening, it is open seven days a week. gianna: the drug enforcement administration says overdose deaths have surged during the pandemic and today was a chance to check those around you from getting rid of unwanted pills. police sites are taking your medications and disposing of them safely. most of us had old -- have old prescription drugs that is expired. >> it is a great way to bring their unwanted, expired medication down to one of the drop off sites, put it into the receptacle, we take care of it. it is free, it is anonymous. this is a great way to get that medication out of your medicine cabinet that don't get into the hands of the drug seekers. gianna: the da says it has collected 13 million pounds of medication getting unwanted pills out of people's homes. the united states is now formally recognizing systemic killings and deportations of hundreds of thousands of armenians by ottoman empire ...

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