January 31, 2020

Menin Development Sponsors Delray Fashion Week

By Boca Mag

I remember the first event at Delray Fashion Week maybe 8 years ago–and then I went to two this week and was reminded how far we have come as a town—and as a town that knows how to do an event or two.


Laura Simon, head of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and her team as well as PR/event guru Sarah Flynn and local sponsors like Menin Development and Vince Canning Shoes, have pulled off a week of events showcasing the city’s retailers in an imaginative format, from an 80s disco party in the middle of Atlantic Avenue (complete with mirrored disco ball) to an evening at the Museum, a pep rally, lunch on the water at Che, with a fashion show and more.

I’ve never thought of Delray as fashion-forward, but I can tell you it has beautiful clothes that people really wear, and it’s fun. And more fun. One of my colleagues said to me as we were leaving the disco event, “Who does this? Do you know of any town but this one that does these kinds of events?”

And I had to say no. But that’s why we go there, after all. It is a place with a life all it’s own and we are happy to be part of that. You still have time to go to Delray Fashion Week (AND the Big Game!)—just visit delrayfashionweek.com for details.

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