February 26, 2019

C3 Cloud Computing Concepts, a 110 East Atlantic Tenant, wins Best Place to Work Award

By C3 Cloud Computing Concepts

Cloud Computing Concepts offers employees a host of financial, compensation, benefits and other perks that executives there believe make it a Best Place to Work. The most fun benefit, though, may soon be parked right outside. C3 recently received approval from landlord Menin Development to add a parking spot in the garage for a corporate golf cart. The goal is to allow employees to leave their keys behind and, without having to use their own vehicles, grab the C3 Cloud Cart and drive to lunch, run errands or head out for an afternoon coffee meeting or snack.

This is just the latest benefit to a host of features C3 offers. The company provides financial support for both technical and corporate training, promotes participation at various industry events, and encourages shadowing of higher-level employees to provide as many opportunities for growth as possible. It also announces and celebrates individual wins, certifications and professional achievements.

C3 also provides a comfortable and flexible work environment, complete with stand-up desks, ergonomic furniture, flexible scheduling and a fully stocked refrigerator.
This approach has learned C3 a streak of six consecutive Best Places to Work awards, which has been invaluable in helping it attract and recruit an ongoing stream of talent.
“When employees are happy, their interactions with customers tend to lead to better outcomes”, CEO Rick Mancinelli says. “And better customer outcomes undeniably lead to a healthier bottom line.”

View Source: https://www.c3cloud.com/